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Speaker Cables, Interconnects, HDMI, Power Products
Welcome to the Black Rhodium products page. To view more information on our range of products, please click the images below.

In the UK, you have a choice of either purchasing from your local stockist, or buying online from our online store. The latter is designed with our stockists in mind, so if they have stock, they will fulfil your order, and receive the appropriate remuneration for doing so.

If you are based overseas, our cables are available in a number of countries worldwide. Please click here to contact your local distributor.

Where there is no distributor in your country of residence, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you source our cables.

Black Rhodium Solo Speaker Cable

Black Rhodium Opera DCT++ Stereo Interconnect Cable

Digital Cables

Speaker Cables

Stereo Interconnects

Digital, Subwoofer and Optical

MP3 Player Cables

HDMI Cables

Power Cables by Black Rhodium

MP3 Player Cables

HDMI and Video

Power Cables

USB Cables

Tone Arm Cables by Black Rhodium


USB Cables

Tone Arm Cables


Instrument Cables


Musical Instrument Cables

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