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About Black Rhodium
We are a British Cabling company who specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality Audio and visual cables

Formed in 2002 by Graham Nalty as a continuation of his many years of experience in the Hi-Fi industry. Black Rhodium has become synonymous with high quality reproduction of music and films through the use of the innovative cabling solutions we provide through our processes no matter the age, price or brand.

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The ethos of Black Rhodium is to use materials of the highest quality. We are one of a select few which use Silicone Rubber insulation for both external and internal insulations, which brings substantial benefits to clarity and timing of your music, as well as offering superior advantages when dealing with vibration effectsWe are a firm believer in the benefits of Deep Cryogenic Treatment. Through our partnership with our UK based suppliers, we have improved this process over the years. The latest improvement is our DCT ultra process, with DCT processing both before and after manufacture.We supply a network of specialist Hi-Fi retailers across the UK. In doing this, it ensures that you can benefit from their years of experience, and have access to their demonstration facilities. Thus you can hear the benefits before making your investment in Black RhodiumBlack Rhodium cables are available in a number of countries world wide.
To locate you nearest dealer in your country of residence, go to our 'export distributors' page and contact the distributor in your country.

Black Rhodium
8 Derwent Business Centre
Clarke Street
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1332 342233
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