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Posted on 24/08/2018

The Values Of Black Rhodium

The Values Of Black Rhodium

Our Passion For Sound Quality

At Black Rhodium we are determined that our customers will enjoy the highest quality sound, and experience all the subtle nuances that make a musical experience truly great.

We want you to move to the rhythms, marvel at the dynamics, experience the ambience of the recording acoustic, thrill at the excitement of music, and be moved by the emotion and drama that music can convey.


Commitment To Using The Best Materials

We have thoroughly researched the sound quality of the materials used in our cables and are determined to use the very best for the price. In our cables you can find anything from high quality tinned copper, 99.99% pure silver or even 99.97% palladium wire in our Enhancement and Revelation Ranges.

To insulate our cables we use materials with very low dielectric absorption to avoid time smearing of your music by energy absorbed in the insulation.


Using the Most Effective Manufacturing Techniques

We have discovered many manufacturing techniques that reliably deliver improved sound quality that allows you to enjoy your music even more. These include:


  • Twisting of cables to reduce externally generated noise
  • Using a low micro-phonic layer in some interconnects to extend musical dynamics
  • Advanced Deep Cryogenic Treatments plus our exclusive¬† Crystal Sound process to add improvements to the Depth, clarity and Timing of your music
  • Rhodium plating of conductors to add greater excitement to your music
  • Using simple and effective techniques in our low distortion range of cables to offer superior sound quality and value for money backed up with independent reviews from leading magazines


Supporting UK Manufacturing

We work closely with UK cable manufacturers in the design of our cables. Our close relationships with market leading companies means we have applied special manufacturing techniques that differentiate our cables from others.

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