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Posted on 05/09/2018

The History of Black Rhodium’s Development

The History of Black Rhodium’s Development

Black Rhodium embraces the full depth of engineering and experience developed by Graham Nalty in many areas of high quality audio design. He has shown that considerable advances in audio sound quality can be achieved by the use of the highest quality engineering materials.

1975 – 1980

January 1 1975. Graham Nalty started in the hifi industry by selling loudspeakers through demonstration in customers’ homes.


1976. Graham Nalty’s first audio amplifier design for constructors was published in ‘Hifi Sound’ magazine.


1978. Graham Nalty opened ‘Graham Nalty Hifi’ shop in Derby.


1980 – 1990


In the early 1980s, Graham Nalty continued retailing hifi equipment.


July 1986. Graham Nalty designed the ‘Virtuoso’ modular preamp for publishing in ‘Electronics Today International’ magazine. This was the very first time that an amplifier kit design was offered with two levels of sound quality through the use a higher grade electronic parts.


1987. Graham Nalty publishes new amplifier designs for constructors in Practical Electronics and Everyday Electronics magazines.


1988.Graham Nalty publishes the ‘Virtuoso’ 100 watt stereo power amplifier in 3 different versions in which sound quality is progressively improved through higher grade components.


1989.Graham Nalty launches the DM20 amplifier dual mono integrated amplifier for sale through established hifi dealers.




1990.Launch of ‘First Mains’, the first mains cable dedicated to audio that used the designated mains colours for the cores.


July 1990. Very positive review of ‘First Mains’ in Hifi News. A increase in sales followed.


October 1990. Launch of the ‘VIOLET’ stereo interconnect with the innovative use of pure nickel conductors.


1993: ‘SILVER PINK’ stereo interconnect wins the Hifi Choice ‘Best Buy’ award. In a test of 10 cables, it was described as having the best sound quality even though it was the least expensive in the group.


1994: Launch of ‘VERMILION’ interconnect using titanium wire. This was quickly followed by innovative interconnects using molybdenum, niobium and rhodium plated molybdenum wires.


1995: Launch of loudspeaker cables using silicone rubber insulation.


January 1997. ‘VERMILION’ wins the prestigious 5 star award in What HiFi?


February 1996. ‘AST200x2’ BiWire speaker cable wins 5 star award in What HiFi? Followed by ‘S300’ in October and ‘AST200’ in May 1998.


February 2002. Launch of the ‘BLACK RHODIUM’ brand to signify the ‘exclusive’ quality of Graham Nalty’s cable designs.


2004. Launch of new high end cable ranges with their sound quality enhanced by a Deep Cryogenic Treatment down to –190o


September and October 2004. Public demonstrations of the benefits of Deep Cryogenic Treatment at hifi shows in London and Manchester. During these demonstrations, 89% of the people taking part in the tests were able to describe the audible improvements with DCT.


December 2005. Launch of Coral and Pearl HDMI cables HDMI cables for video.


November 2006. Launch of first non microphonic interconnect ‘PRELUDE’ . By eliminating microphonic noise, a layer of harshness was removed and increased dynamics were observed on high frequency percussive instruments.


May 2007. Launch of the first palladium interconnects, ‘CADENCE’ and ‘CANTATA’.


September 2010. Black Rhodium launches ‘OYAIDE’ high end products from Japan at the National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire. Black Rhodium had been using Oyaide connectors in the assembly of the ‘CRUSADER’ mains power cable and was impressed by Oyaide quality that he decided to become their UK distributor.




April 2011. Launch of the Black Rhodium DCT ULTRA process with the new ‘ORATORIO’ stereo interconnect. DCT ULTRA cables are twice processed by Deep Cryogenic Treatment. Initially the bare wire (or wire insulated in a high temperature insulation) is processed by the advanced DCT++ process. The wire is then used to hand-assemble and terminate the cable. Then the complete cable is sent for a second DCT process. To further enhance the sound, the Black Rhodium exclusive ‘Crystal Sound’ process is also applied to the cable.


Summer 2011. Black Rhodium launches new versions of its palladium wire cables using a new specially designed non-microphonic screened sheath and the new DCT ULTRA process.


October 2013. Graham Nalty launches the Graham Nalty Legacy Range of products. The Graham Nalty Legacy Range has been created to offer a platform for Graham Nalty’s original designs based on his long industry experience. The first products were the GN-1 and GN-2 innovative ‘Straight Line Contact’ 4mm loudspeaker plugs.


July 2014. Graham Nalty launches the Graham Nalty Legacy Range VS-1 Vibration Stabiliser after two years of testing the principle of applying mass damping to reduce audible distortion in cables. The Vibration Stabiliser is introduced in the Samba VS-1 loudspeaker cable which also uses GN-1 loudspeaker plugs.


November 2014. Black Rhodium launches the first 110 Ohm balanced interconnect cable Sonata. The Sonata is the first cable designed to reduce a much greater number of different distortion mechanisms in cables including magnetic distortion, microphony, RFI and dielectric absorption. The Sonata is also reduces mechanical vibration distortion when fitted with VS-1 Vibration Stabilisers.


February 2015. Black Rhodium launches the first DIN tone arm cable, STYLUS, using the Black Rhodium’s rhodium plated DIN connector.


June 2015. Black Rhodium launches Titan its first triple screened power cable to further minimise RFI in power cables.


May 2016. Black Rhodium launches Foxtrot and Quickstep loudspeaker cables based on the exclusive design features of the Thunder loudspeaker cable. Wins 5 Star and ‘Recommended’ award in full page review in Hi-Fi Choice July 2016


May 2017: Black Rhodium Receives award winning reviews for Stream Power Cable.


August 2017: Black Rhodium receives groovy and deeply groovy awards for Oratorio and Waltz.


Black Rhodium continues to develop award winning cables, in order to improve the sound quality of your Hi-Fi System.

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