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Posted on 15/08/2018

Don’t Let Distortion From Cable Vibration Ruin Your Music

Don’t Let Distortion From Cable Vibration Ruin Your Music

All cables are affected by vibration.


• Your loudspeakers vibrate when they produce sound
• Your electronics vibrates due to forces created by electrical currents
• Your cable can transmit these vibrations from one end to the other
• Your cable vibrates from forces created by electric and magnetic fields within cables


Black Rhodium cables fitted with Graham Nalty Vibration Stabilisers can reduce this distortion

• High mass damper to limit vibration induced cable movement
• Rigid coupling with large diameter flat head screw for maximum effect
• Designed by Graham Nalty MA to reduce cable distortion and its sonic effects
• Audible improvement as described in Hi-Fi Choice magazine

“. . greater spaciousness around each instrument that helps me to appreciate that the orchestra is
composed of a number of individual instruments.“ HI-FI CHOICE May 2015

Graham Nalty Legacy Range VS-1 Vibration Stabiliser fitted over Duet speaker cable 10 mm diameter flat face screw


How the GN Legacy Range VS-1 Vibration Stabiliser Works


The GN Legacy Range VS-1 Vibration Stabiliser uses a 155 gram mass to damp vibrations in the cable. The VS-1 is very tightly coupled mechanically to the cable by use of a 10 mm diameter flat faced screw. By using a large screw which presses the cable hard against the inner wall of the VS-1, the mechanical vibration in the cable anchored to the greater mass of the VS-1 and is very effectively reduced.


“Every time I have compared identical cables with and without the GN Legacy Range VS-1 Vibration Stabiliser I have heard an improvement using the VS-1 in terms of removing a layer of distortion to reveal greater clarity in the music that I have preferred.”


The Vibration is an essential part of any cable that seriously aspires to high end sound quality.

Without the Graham Nalty Vibration Stabiliser, no cable will sound as good.

You can buy VS-1 Vibration Stabiliers from our network of specialist dealers in the UK and from distributors in many overseas countries: UK Dealers and Export Distributors

Otherwise, you can buy them on our website by clicking this link: Vibration Stabilisers