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Posted on 23/08/2018

Why Choose Black Rhodium Cables?

Why Choose Black Rhodium Cables?

We are a British company who specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality audio and visual cables.

Formed in 2002 by Graham Nalty as a continuation of his many years of experience in the Hi-Fi industry, Black Rhodium has become synonymous with high quality reproduction of music and films through the innovative cabling solutions we provide.


  • Passion for Music – We strive to help you obtain the best quality sound for the greatest musical experiences.
  • Quality Materials – We have researched and developed the best quality materials to deliver the highest quality sound and pictures from your cable.
  • Processes – We use the most effective manufacturing techniques, including deep cryogenic treatment for our most advanced products that are proven to increase your listening pleasure.
  • UK Manufacturing – All of our cables (except HDMI and Optical) are made and hand terminated in the UK, demonstrating our support for UK manufacturing.


Obtaining The Best Performance From Your Cable


Twisting Cables Together

Our listening tests have revealed a smoother more natural quality of sound can be achieved by twisting cables together, Some Black Rhodium cables are supplied in twisted pairs, held in place around 12cm from the plugs. Should you require the plugs further apart simply remove the collar ensuring the cable remains twisted. if your cables are supplied untwisted, try this simple FREE technique for yourself and hear the difference it makes, and be sure to contact us with the results!


Cable Direction

We recommend that you connect your cables with the printing reading from left to right in the direction of the signal flowm, i.e. from source (e.g CD player, tuner) to amplifier. It is important that both cables in a stereo pair are aligned in the same direction as reversal of one of the cables will degrade the sound significantly more than the reversal of both cables.


Burn In

The sound quality of cables will improve with use. After installation you will notice a steady improvement in sound quality from your cable, both during and after the burn in period.


You can also find out this information in your Black Rhodium Cable Packaging:


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