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Black Rhodium Newsletter April 2019 

Welcome to your Black Rhodium Newsletter

In this issue we have details of….


  • How the Laws of Physics affect your music
  • An introduction to our ‘Intro’ range of products
  • Our very latest new products added to the Intro range
  • Black Rhodium cables used to demonstrate valve amplifiers in Poland
  • Visit to Black Rhodium factory by our distributor for China and Hong Kong
  • Tip of the day

How the Laws of Physics influence how good your music sounds

Black Rhodium’s extensive research into improving the sound quality of your cables shows quite conclusively that all the ways in which cables distort the sounds from your music can be fully explained by a thorough grounding in the Laws of Physics.

Black Rhodium engineers have identified the 7 Laws of Physics that each describe how the highly sensitive audio signal that translates into your music can be changed by external influences.

We have also developed about 20 different ‘distortion bustin’ engineering techniques that reduce audible distortion in a cable and deliver smoother and more natural music through your speakers or earphones.

Many of these ‘distortion bustin’ techniques are standard electrical design features used extensively by engineers in all branches of electrical engineering. To these we add some of Black Rhodium’s original design techniques developed from our extensive research and cable testing auditions.

With up to 20 different ‘distortion bustin’ design tools available for us application, we apply extensive auditions to select the optimum combination of these to ensure that you can enjoy the very best sound whatever your budget.

In future newsletters and blogs, we will explain the science behind our cables in more detail.

Black Rhodium Intro range – your introduction to music

Our Intro range of cable products are designed with the first time buyer of a music system in mind. If you are buying your first music system, we do not expect you to be familiar with the enormous variety of excellent cables available in the shops or online. Your first consideration will be to select the equipment that simply plays the music sources your wish to hear. And cables will simply be the means to connect your hardware.

But you will want good sound quality. You want to choose cables from a company with a proven record in delivering excellent sound quality. So you choose Black Rhodium.

And we at Black Rhodium offer you simple, effective, proven cables that play music – enjoyably. We use simple designs based around high quality materials that we are confident

you will appreciate.

New Affordcables for the Black Rhodium Intro range

A typing error created our new ‘buzzword’ for our latest loudspeaker and power cables. ‘Affordcables’ are cables that we consider to be capable of extremely high quality sound at very modest ‘affordable’ prices.

                   Twist Classic      Libra Classic

Twist Classic and Libra Classic have been developed to go into systems alongside our recently launched Minuet RCA stereo interconnect. Our task – to make the maximum improvement in sound from both Twist and Libra – and we are very happy with what we have achieved. Try them in your music system and enjoy the music!

Valve manufacturer uses Black Rhodium

We are always delighted to hear from manufacturers using Black Rhodium cables to promote their hardware.

Encore Seven, the owner of EGG-SHELL brand, recommends Black Rhodium cables to their vacuum tube amplifiers.

Eggshell Audio Tan Q valve amplifier

                        Find out more;

China and Hong Kong distributor visits Black Rhodium factory

Dyson Lai, Black Rhodium distributor for Hong Kong and China examining a Black Rhodium cable watched by (from left) Roger Weidemann, Alexander Beswick and Graham Nalty


We have been very pleased to welcome to our Derby factory, Dyson Lai of Audio Access who distributes Black Rhodium’s cables in Hong Kong and the Republic of China. We took the opportunity to show Dyson some of our very latest cables and to discuss with him the special requirements of his market.

Tip of the day

Check the direction of all your cables. Many cable manufacturers will label their cables with a direction arrow. This is accepted as flowing in the direction from source to speakers. Ensure that all your cables follow this. If there are no direction arrows, go with the direction of print on the jacket of the cable.

When you have done this and you like ‘tweaking’ for best sound, you may wish to check each cable in reverse. In some cases, you may get a slight, but audible, improvement when you reverse a cable. If the cable sounds better in reverse direction, leave it there. But this is usually the exception to the rule.

Our next newsletter

  • The 7 Laws of Physics that determine how good your cables play your music
  • Reports of our meetings with distributors at the Munich High End
  • A fabulous new mid-price Bi-Wire loudspeaker cable
  • And much more


August 1, 2019

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Hi-Fi Pig Explains Our Ranges

Hifi Pig brings you a series of promotional articles about our Great British Brands at High End Munich 2018. We let them tell you all about their philosophy and products.

Black Rhodium supplies very high quality cables for discerning audiophiles and music lovers who like their music. We enjoy music and we want to share it with everyone. That is why we are continuously striving to create better and better cables that bring our closer and closer to the musicians who are performing on our music systems.


Black Rhodium cables are offered in three ranges, Intro, Enhancement and Revelation.

Intro Range

Intro cables are the least expensive Black Rhodium cables aimed towards your first music playing system. They are also ideal for your first cable upgrade if your music system was supplied with its own cables. Intro range cables have won many ‘Cable of the Year’ and 5 Star awards, giving you’re the assurance that you can buy Black Rhodium Intro without needing to spend time comparing cables from other brands.

Enhancement Range

Enhancement range is directed at music lovers who already have music systems and want to enjoy even better sound. You may already have a good cable, possibly from Black Rhodium Intro, and wish to upgrade. Alternatively you may be buying a new system with a higher budget.  Whichever way you want good sound and you a prepared to pay for it provided it delivers. Black Rhodium Enhancement range enables your system to sound better and better the further up the range you go.

Revelation Range

Revelation range is the Black Rhodium choice for high end systems. Whereas in the Enhancement range, compromises have been made to deliver the best sound quality within its price, Revelation is the application of the very latest and most advanced Black Rhodium research into cable design. Revelation embraces the very best materials and processes including pure palladium wire in the Cantata.

Cables and Connectors

Black Rhodium cables and connectors have proved very popular with dealers and distributors that we are now marketing them as a separate range. Loudspeaker cables are particularly popular and we have three ranges of the popular ‘twisted pair’ Twist, Twirl and Samba.  We also have the more traditional cables in an outer sheath – Opus, Jive and Tango. Customers wishing to terminate their own cable can also buy the approved Black Rhodium connectors as used in many Black Rhodium terminated cables.

Hi-Fi Pig Iconic Masterpieces

Our Iconic Masterpieces are the cables by which everyone recognizes the Black Rhodium brand. Iconic Masterpieces have all received outstanding reviews for their sound quality, glowing testimonials from customers and found their way into many homes. These are the cables that dealers and distributors put at the top of their purchase list because they know they will sell quickly. They know that customers who audition them at home are much less likely to return them unsold.

Our Iconic Masterpieces include

  • Twist, Foxtrot and Quickstep Loudspeaker cables
  • Oratorio Stereo Interconnect
  • Stylus DIN Tone Arm cable
  • Allegro 75 Ohm Digital Audio cable
  • Stream Mains Power cable

Twist is the ideal low cost high performance loudspeaker cable. It is highly affordable thanks to its twisted pair construction that avoids the extra cost of an outer sheath used on the more ‘traditional’ loudspeaker cables. Its sound quality is enhanced by its thicker insulation that reduces distortion due to magnetic field interaction between conductors, giving a much clearer sound and better separation between voices and instruments.

Foxtrot and Quickstep (Illustrated) are two very similar cables that are separated in price and performance by the outstanding GN-1 Straight Line Contact plugs. Both cables have a very strong following amongst Black Rhodium customers.

Overture is the product of the very latest Black Rhodium research into cable design. A special part of the design is the application of more advanced vibration control and screening. A worthy addition to the Black Rhodium Revelation range and a welcome part of any high end music playing system.

Stylus DIN Tone Arm cable has won very strong praise from reviewers and customers alike. In an area where few high end products exist, Stylus shines as a worthy addition to any vinyl plying music system.

Allegro 75 Ohm Digital Audio Cable is a worthy enhancement to any music system, delivering clean clear sound to the music.

Stream Mains Power Cable has surprised us by its enormous success with very encouraging and complimentary reviews. These have been followed by extremely complimentary testimonials from customers whose music playing systems have been transformed by one, two or even three Stream cables in their systems. Stream has a very special advantage for high end consumers in that its middle of the range price is matched by a musical performance that does not let down high end components, enabling several components to be upgraded at reasonable cost.

The Design of Black Rhodium cables

Black Rhodium cable designer Graham Nalty has been researching the best ways to reproduce sound in the home for over 40 years. His earlier work on amplifiers demonstrated that simply by using higher quality components in an amplifier, the sound could be greatly improved. For the last 25 years, Graham has been concentrating on the design of audio cables. One of his earliest cable designs was judged the best of ten competing models in a magazine test, even though it was the least expensive in the group. The simple reason was that cable used a higher grade of conductor wire and insulation than all its competitors – a throwback to his earlier design work on amplifiers.

In 2002, Graham Nalty launched Black Rhodium, making full use of his previous design experience. The brand soon developed a reputation for its highly musical sound quality, winning many 5 star reviews in leading magazines.

The Laws of Physics

Much has been written to explain why cables sound different.

Extensive research by Black Rhodium has shown that almost every form of audible distortion that changes the sound in a cable can be explained by an understanding of the Laws of Physics.

All Audio Cables Obey the Laws of Physics

By understanding how the Laws of Molecular Theory, Dielectric Absorption, Electric and Magnetic Fields and Mechanical Vibration all can change sound quality (for the worse!), Black Rhodium has developed an extensive range of engineering design solutions that can minimise all these effects.

Every engineering solution to reduce cable distortion and improve sound quality has a cost. The secret of good cable design is knowing which solutions to apply to produce the best sound quality. Whilst the design of high end cables, such as those in Black Rhodium Revelation range, may be a matter of applying the very best available technology, it is far more challenging to design good cables in ranges, such as Black Rhodium Enhancement range, where compromises have to be made meet the consumer’s budget. Here extensive practical experience from hundreds of listening tests can offer the best value.

Black Rhodium is committed to giving its very best sound quality to customers.

September 10, 2018

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