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If we make up a single speaker cable using the same wire, the sound will be clearer if the positive and negative conductors are in the opposite direction – so that the current in the wire sees the same direction in the wire as it travels from the amplifier to the loudspeaker and back again.

Wire direction found in most manufactured cables

Most loudspeaker cables, and balanced interconnect cables, are manufactured with the wire ‘direction’ in the same direction for both signal and return connections as in the diagram below.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> +ve

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -ve

Wire direction for better sound quality

If, as may be possible with a simple ‘twisted pair’ cable, the wires are separated and the signal and return connections rewound in opposing directions, the sound will become clearer with a deeper background silence between musical notes.

  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> +ve

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< -ve

This has important implications in the manufacture of all audio cables.In the case of manufacture of a simple 2 core speaker cable, it is most likely that both cores are in the same direction. But this cannot always be guaranteed. If an audio cable supplier wishes to improve the sound quality by quality control of the wire direction, then two separate processes need to be defined.Firstly the full batch of the cable manufactured must be made from the same supply reel. If two reels are used, no one will know if the ‘direction’ information in the wire is the same for both reels.

Secondly the cable manufacturer needs to set up a reliable quality process that ensures that all the wires of one colour are reversed during the process and none of the other colour. Any divergence from these principles will result in inconsistent sound quality within the batch.

Reversing both cables in a stereo pair

If both cables in a pair of stereo cables are reversed, there is an audible difference in the sound.

In our experience this is not sufficient to warrant a prescribed view on which direction the cables should be connected. We do recommend our customers to make their own tests if they wish, but our goal is to give our customers the very best sounding cables without any technical effort on their part.

Wire direction of most stereo cables

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+ve Left

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-ve Left

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> +ve Right

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -ve Right

Wire direction if both cables are reversed

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< +ve Left

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< -ve Left

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< +ve Right

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< -veRight

This is a stereo cables with both channels reversed. Some experts suggest that you should test your cables in both positions and chose the position that sounds best

We take the view that all cables should, as by convention, be connected with the printed writing on the cable reading from left to right when connected from a source signal (CD player, turntable, tuner etc) on the left to and amplifier on the right. For speaker cables we suggest that the writing on the cable reads from amplifier to speakers. When cables are to be connected one way only, for example a BiWire speaker cable, we assemble the cable so that its reads from amplifier to speaker.

Wire direction for best sound quality

If we design a pair of speaker cables in which the positive and negative wires run in ‘opposite direction’ then if we reverse one speaker cable without reversing the other we find quite a significant deterioration in sound quality. The effect is as if a layer of background noise has modulated the music. The sound is less sharp and less in focus.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><>>>>> +ve Left

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< -ve Left

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> +ve Right

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< -veRight

This is a Black Rhodium stereo cable as it would normally be connected. This is the best connection for consistently good sound quality.

If we reverse one channel, without reversing the second channel, the sound is severely degraded and will sound audibly distorted by comparison.

  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> +ve Left

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< -ve Left

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< +ve Right

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -veRight

By reversing one cable of the pair, the sound will be degraded with a loss of focus in the music. When you return to the correct configuration, a layer of background noise appears to be removed.

Wire direction  for optimum sound in Black Rhodium cables

At Black Rhodium we do not wish the sound quality of our cables to vary, with some cables sounding inferior to other of the same type.

We have devised a series of high quality manufacturing processes which we have agreed with our UK based suppliers.

  1. For any order of cable we stipulate that the whole production batch is manufactured from a reel containing a single unbroken length of wire as supplied to them.
  2. We request that the first layer of insulation on the wire has an arrow printed on it to identify the direction of the wire as it comes off the wire manufacturer’s reel.
  3. From this position we can specify exactly the direction of each wire in each cable.

This enables us to design speaker cables in which the positive and negative wires are arranged in opposite directions.