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Posted on 09/08/2018

How Black Rhodium Designs Cables For Maximum Listening Pleasure

How Black Rhodium Designs Cables For Maximum Listening Pleasure

1. Conductor Wire –  Every metal used as a conductor for audio signals has its own sound characteristic. In all of our cables we use the very best conductors for that cable to achieve outstanding sound quality and value for money.  Our research proves that different types of conductors produce different characteristics of sound. We have tested conductors and have found that conductivity does not relate to sound quality.

2. Cryogenic Processing –  We use Advanced Cryogenic Processing on our highest quality cables because it gives a lasting upgrade in the Depth Clarity and Timing of the music.

3. Insulation – Dielectric absorption in the cable insulation causes time smearing distortion. By using high quality insulation materials such as PTFE or silicone rubber, we can enjoy very low distortion with sharper leading edges to music and extended, more natural, decays.

4. RFI Screen – Effective screening of audio cables reduces audible distortion due to intermodulation between the audio signal and the RF interference. Many Black Rhodium cables have additional passive filters to further minimise RFI induced distortion.


5. Low Proximity Effect Magnetic Distortion – Designing a cable to reduce ‘Proximity Effect’ Magnetic Distortion produces greater separation of instruments and voices in the music. Many Black Rhodium cables feature thicker insulation that usual so as to reduce the effect of magnetic distortion.

6. Low Microphony – Designing for low microphony not only eliminates microphonic noise but also increases the dynamic range of the music. We apply low distortion conductive layers between insulation and screen to reduce distortion from microphony.


7. Vibration Stabilisation – Reducing mechanical vibration in cables produces a faster, punchier sound with notes stopping and starting faster. The benefits of using Graham Nalty Legacy Range Vibration Stabilisers can be heard on all types of music, but are most noticeable on plucked string such as double basses and harps.


8. Rhodium Plated Connectors – Rhodium Plated Connetors in our listening experience simply make the music more exciting to enjoy. Black Rhodium extensively uses Rhodium Plated Connectors, rather than gold or silver, to give cables the extra edge in sound quality.

9. Cryogenically Processed Connectors – Just as Deep Cryogenic Treatment improves the sound quality of cables, DCT processing of connectors adds an additional welcome layer of Depth, Clarity and Timing to music. Black Rhodium DCT cables are terminated with DCT processed Black Rhodium and Graham Nalty connectors.

Black Rhodium Low Distortion Cable designs reduce or eliminate as many of the different cable distortions as possible in each product.

Not only do Black Rhodium cables maximise your listening pleasure by bringing you closer to the music and revealing every nuance from your music , but they also offer outstanding quality and value for money.