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Posted on 06/08/2018

7 Essential Steps In Caring For Your Cable

7 Essential Steps In Caring For Your Cable

Your Black Rhodium cable has been manufactured to give you very high quality sound from your music. Our lifetime guarantee ensures that you are assured of long term reliability.

Observing a few simple precautions will ensure that the cable maintains its high quality performance over time.

1) Treat the cable carefully and respectfully at all times.

2)  When inserting the cable into its socket or removing it, always hold the connector cover and never try to push it in to the socket or remove it by holding the cable

3) Do not expose the cable to excessive heat or place it near a flame.

4) Do not bend the cable into a tight radius. As a general rule, you should not bend the cable into a tighter radius than the radius of the cable in its packaging.

5) Do not apply excessive force to the cable.

6) Where possible allow the Vibration Stabilisers to hang loosely downwards. Cables should be placed so that the Vibration Stabilisers do not touch each other or come into contact with any fixed equipment. If you cannot isolate the Vibration Stabilisers, place a soft object between the Vibration Stabilisers and the object they are touching to prevent transmission of vibration.

7) Please do not perform any unauthorized repairs or modifications as this will invalidate your  ‘lifetime guarantee’ of the cable.


Thank you for taking your time to read this blog post….and remember to look after your cables!

The Black Rhodium Cable used in this blog post was the Concerto Stereo interconnect. Find out more about concerto here: