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Stereo Interconnect Cable Reviews & Testimonials

Stereo Interconnect Cables & Leads

Black Rhodium are proud of the reviews and testimonials that we receive from the HiFi press, our dealers and our end users.

If you wish to comment on any Black Rhodium cable you are using at present, we would love to hear how your equipment has been improved, so please contact us!


Black Rhodium Twist Stereo Interconnect


"Hooked up to our system, the Twist transmits a lively sound. Play Mombassa from the Inception OST and the Twist doesn’t hesitate in conveying its energy.

"The drums hit hard and with force, strings sound precise and dynamic."
What Hi-Fi?
June 2014

"Offering amazing value for money, every new hi-fi user should demo these interconnects"
February 2013
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Black Rhodium Opus Stereo Interconnect


“Thank you for supplying us with an Opus cable to appraise, I am very glad that you did! I have had a chance to have a listen to the cable now in a reasonably high end system including a Meridian Sooloos MS600 source, Leema Pyxis Pre-amp, Classe CA-5300 Power amp and a pair of B&W 802 Diamonds – the Opus was between the MS600 and the pre-amp.

“My initial reaction was one of pleasant surprise, in changing the c.£25 interconnect that I first put in for reasons of this test the sound stage expanded both in depth and in width, with insight into the music being immediately improved – space around instruments enlarged, but most noticeable around the midranges in particular voices and guitars and piano, allowing a tangible increase in texture and therefore the emotion of the music. All in all and extremely well balanced, very mature sounding cable that belies its entry level price point – Opus certainly will promote extended listening!”

Sam Lowe, Phase 3 Southampton

“Well built and thoughtfully configured, this twisted pair conveys a nice, mellow sound.  Detail is reasonable too...”


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Black Rhodium Rhythm Stereo Interconnect Cable


"... Rhythmic sound and it was also sound with a detectable tonal character of its own..... bringing a quite delightful sparkle to music"

"Lightweight, excellent soldering, very high quality connectors, bass and treble come in abundance."
Stuart Holloway, AV Review


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Black Rhodium Prelude Low Microphonic Stereo Interconnect Cable

Black Rhodium Salsa HiFi News Highly Commended

Hi-Fi Choice Best Buy


"After a couple of weeks running in, I find the Preludes work well within my mid-price system. I have used them now both from CD player to amp and from phono stage to amp, and in both situations they give a vibrant, punchy sound that is most enjoyable. Treble sparkles, but is not over-bright. Mid range is firm and gives clarity to vocals. Bass is full and deep, with good attack.

"Overall, I am very pleased with the Preludes." 
Roger Normanshaw, End User, February 2012

"The bass is strong, clear and tuneful, while there is no obvious sign of tonal imbalance in the all-important midband."

".With its strong bass delivery the dramatic drum 'thwacks' were truly explosive while the fervent and unrestrained resonance of the piano was agreeably rounded."

"Sounds well tied-in, crisp and detailed, but still with a lovely deep and chunky bass."

" . realism. detail, clarity and dynamics. . . an excellent result at the price.

" I'm sure that my enquiry for a ten metre pair of interconnects was somewhat unusual. I can only say that the improvement is not subtle. Rather like going from watching TV in black and white to colour. A certain indication was the the appearance of my reclusive son with a stack of CDs asking "Can I just listen to these?". Black Rhodium Prelude certainly gets the thumbs-up from the Hi-Fi buffs in our house.

"I am delighted to say you continue your unbroken record of never having sold me anything I was disappointed in. Many thanks. "
John Spriggs,
February 2010


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Black Rhodium Illusion Stereo Interconnect

What HiFi 5 Star

  " . . its fresh, wide open and exciting, with a powerful bass and clarity in the midband, making vocals impressive, with a breezy and involving top end."
WHAT HIFI? *****
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Symphony Chrome

Black Rhodium Symphony with Chrome Plugs Stereo Interconnect

Twirl and Symphony Cable Hi-Fi Choice


"Lovely 'easy' manner to the way it makes music; warmish tonality handy for brighter systems.”

"This loom is well received by the panel. It presents a generally powerful sound that is large in scale.  It proves quite distinctive tonally, with the bass being a major facet of what makes its sound so good – its power, roundness and timbre is remarked upon by the panellists."
HI-FI Choice, August 2014 - (Reviewed alongside Symphony Stereo Interconnect)



Black Rhodium Tempo Stereo Interconnect


"Tempo... should work in a range of systems and bring the sort of fine detail that only first rate interconnects can offer"

Issue 98

"One of the most well adjusted interconnect designs on the market"
February 2013

(Reviews above were with ETI Bullet Plugs (Previous Version))
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Black Rhodium Symphony Stereo Interconnect


". . showed commendable clarity, yet the music was conveyed with real smoothness and devoid of grain.  Overall, this is an excellent mid priced cable, . . ”

(Review above was with ETI Bullet Plugs (Previous Version))

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Sonata VS-1

Sonata Stereo Interconnect Cable Made in England by Black Rhodium

Sonata Stereo Interconnect Cable Made in England by Black Rhodium


HiFi-Choice-5 STARS

RCA and XLR version reviewed

“. . so much of Black Rhodium’s anti distortion know-how being combined in one cable.”

"The Sonata VS-1 is fully loaded with features and should bring positive virtues to almost any system."

"The vibration stabilising weights are beneficial, but may need finessing to fit your system layout. Refined, extended treble, firm, deep bass and a beautifully
coherent and communicative midband seamlessly flowing from very dark silences demonstrates that Black Rhodium has successfully
addressed distortion. Thoroughly recommended."

Chris Ward, HI-FI Choice, June 2015
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Phantom DCT++ With Crystal Sound

Black Rhodium Phantom Stereo Interconnect

  Dear Graham,

"I am writing this test, but I am not finished, but in the meantime I will tell you my first impressions.

"The first and immediate sensation is that it has a VERY VERY low noise threshold; very similar to those interconnects about two or perhaps three times its cost.

"My immediate perception was that it has much more detail and low level information, but a very low level of noise that automatically implies greater dynamics too.
"The rhythmic section deserves a separate chapter.

"The double bass at extremely complex passages is clearly audible and traceable, as in the “Homage to the Duke” from David Grusin at track 8.

"From the Rhythmic section, drums and symbols are clearly distinguishable by timber and size, as in the “Letter to Evan” from David Bennoit the difference in symbols is really astonishing.

"The instruments and voice positioning is clearly focused and stable.

"These are the first impressions.  Later I will send you my complete test with sensations and all the CDs used.
Thank you very much for your help to me.

"Black Rhodium Phantom Interconnect is without any doubt “A FULL 5 STAR” CABLE.

"It is really Phantom, I can’t hear it, and that is the best situation, for a cable for be a cable, not a component.
This Phantom is a terrific value for money interconnect cable.

"I can’t say anything more! "
Celso Freytes,
February 2012

"It reminded me of some interconnects costing £1,000 or more; it's couth and sophisticated beyond its price point.  An excellent value product doing all that you possibly could ask of a £300 interconnect and more; highly recommended."


(Reviews above were with ETI Bullet Plugs (Previous Version))  
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Opera DCT++ With Crystal Sound

Black Rhodium Opera DCT++ Stereo Interconnect Cable

  "It has a lovely detailed sound with oodles of air and space, with the definite sense that roughest edges have been lopped off, letting you enjoy the music inside the record."

(Review above was with ETI Bullet Plugs (Previous Version))   
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Black Rhodium Rhapsody Stereo Interconnect

  ". .it is fast-paced, and detailed with it, maintaining a depth of stereo image that would not disgrace a cable at twice its price."

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Black Rhodium Harmony Stereo Interconnect

  "Sound is clear and notably agile, with bass that extends pretty well. . . and articulates admirably."

" . . greater sense of power, heft and detail."
  Hi-Fi Choice Best Buy

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Black Rhodium Coda Stereo Interconnect Cable

  "The sound of this interconnect strikes us as admirable in just about every way. . . Bass is strong, but immaculately controlled"
  Hi-Fi Choice Best Buy

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Illusion DCT

Black Rhodium Illusion Stereo Interconnect


"Detail positively shies through and image is good, depth excellent and tonality very neutral."

"With delicate percussion and harmonic-rich sounds like violin, there is a beautiful airiness to the sound, which at the same time is clearly connected to the midrange and bass."

" I have just connected the Illusion DCT between Meridian's CD and Amplifier and I really feel the pleasure to hear so very much Detail and low level information.

"The instruments are strongly more naturals and seems to be more accurately finded in the real situation on the stage. The are are more wide stereo image, and deep is more deep. The drums from a CD of Count Basie, which drums were keep in a 1,5 meter high position than all other instruments and in a back position within the stage, really really I can hear in that position, this Cable is astonishing by a notably completely soundstage, natural and present at all audible spectrum.

"I'm very happy with this purchase. The Speakers are bicables from "Salsa" loudspeaker Cable, and xOVER's are internally connected with Black Rhodium too. The sound with all this cables was became VERY VERY more Natural and airiness, more spatial and deepness.

So I'm very very happy with this update."
Celso Freytes (End user),
August 2010.

  HiFi Choice Best Interconnect 2009 Polar Illusion

Hi-Fi Choice Best Buy

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